Curatorial Appeal to Artists
Dear Artists!

We invite you to participate in the International III online Blockchain Art Hackathon, a decentralized project dedicated to Joseph Beuys' centenary. The visionary master encouraged everyone to take care of the future into the own hands by creating art capital.

You can prepare for the future in different ways - escapistically slip into your fictional world; to study the possibilities of nanotechnology for the continuation of life and gene change while following the example of the futurologist Ray Kurzweil; create a project in virtual reality, like Marina Abramovich, so that in 100 years there will be an opportunity to live a life full of actionism. Or you can create a work of art to feel more confident in the future where robots and technology will take away all routine work from people. In other words, everyone can create the own artwork, which also would have the properties of money. Until now, artists have never had such an opportunity until the innovative blockchain technology and launch of the NFT platform Proof-of-Love.

We call on everyone close to the project's idea to create the own creative artnote, one of the 7000 NFTs, symbolizing the 7000 Beuys' oak trees, to form art capital for the own country.