Leica Rangefinders

Pioneers in laser rangefinding

30 years ago, we set a milestone with the first rangefinder – today, we introduce the most compact and most powerful rangefinder binoculars in the premium class.

All Leica rangefinders offer unbeatable advantages: reliable and safe distance measurement at the touch of a button. Above all, the Geovid rangefinders stand for a perfect, incomparable visual experience with three-dimensional plasticity and breathtaking depth of field. They are built from highest-quality components and offer uncompromising optical performance. They are extremely rugged and can be handled easily and precisely in any situation. The pioneering ergonomic design enables comfortable viewing for long periods. The Leica Ballistics Calculator quickly and clearly calculates the information required for an ethically-placed shot. Thanks to the Bluetooth® function and the Leica Hunting App, this data can be stored and transmitted very easily. In addition, the ballistic curves can be managed in the app and accessed repeatedly – for customized and precise rangefinding on demand.

With the new Leica Geovid Pro 32, the preferred ballistics profile is preset in the new Leica Ballistics App and easily transferred to the Geovid Pro 32 via the Bluetooth® interface.

Pioneering Technology

Cutting-edge laser distance determination

More than 30 years of experience in laser rangefinding for hunters, perfect integration of electronics, mechanics and optics, as well as continuous innovation – that’s what sets the Leica Geovid apart.

Geovid-3200COM-8x56_3D_Landscape_Teaser_960x640 (1).png
Rugged, ergonomic, shapely

Perfectly designed and built.

In addition to using the very best materials and high-quality workmanship, the wear-resistant design makes the Leica Geovid extremely durable and rugged. This also applies to the interior: optics and mechanics of first-class quality.

Great performance in the hours approaching darkness

Clear view, even in unfavourable light

In unfavorable light, the Geovid models show what they’re capable of: The patented optics design guarantees excellent contrast and maximum light transmission. The result is breathtaking image quality, even in adverse light conditions.