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The In-Salon Hair Treatment For Instantly Shiny Hair​ K Water

K Water
The In-Salon Hair Treatment For Instantly Shiny Hair​

Introducing the first resurfacing Lamellar shine treatment for hair
resulting in lightweight, fluid, intensely glossy hair.

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When you leave the hair salon, you want hair that gleams. But what if you don’t have time to sit for a deep hair treatment?

Now, you can have shiny hair in a flash. K Water’s breakthrough Lamellar technology gives you stunning, weightless, perfect hair instantly. Visiting the hair salon is like a supernatural transformation. You walk in feeling okay, you walk out feeling amazing with flawless hair in style and texture. Healthy, shiny, stunning. K Water, the new breakthrough service from Kérastase is the easiest way to achieve this exact effect, with no extra time spent at the salon.

Kerastase - K Water In Salon Hair Treatment

Kerastase - Fusio Exfoliating Scrub Stories

It’s lovely to get a deep care hair treatment as a part of your hair salon visit, whether it’s an add-on to a haircut, color or blow dry. The problem is, conventional hair treatments require several minutes to penetrate. You may need to sit at the shampoo bowl or under the blow dryer to get the full benefits, and you may worry that the formula is too thick, that it will weigh down your hair. So you may choose to forego the hair treatment, simply because you don’t have time.

Well, these are no longer concerns. Using advanced Lamellar technology, K Water instantly activates upon contact with water to smooth out the hair fiber, creating a flawless, glassy surface. Amazingly shiny hair emerges that's fluid and weightless. It’s a total transformation to perfect hair—in just a flash.​

Kerastase - K Water In Salon Hair Treatment


Unlike a conventional hair mask, where caring agents are emulsified in a liquid cream, K Water’s healing power is dissolved in a clear liquid. The formula acts instantly upon the hair fiber and rinses off easily for a weightless finish. Your hairdresser applies K Water after shampooing and rinses it off immediately before styling as usual. The hair is perfected in a matter of seconds. The immediate result is unbelievably sleek hair with a glasslike shine - K Shine.

Kerastase - K Water In Salon Hair Treatment


A light, clear liquid, K Water is actually devoid of water. It is a combination of glycol and caring agents. These caring agents are instantly signaled by water to attach to the hair’s surface in layers to create a smooth finish.

Kerastase - K Water In Salon Hair Treatment


After only a few seconds of contact, K Water’s lamellar technology dramatically improves the quality of the hair, leaving it incredibly healthy and weightlessly fluidified. Protected from hair breakage and easier to comb, blow dry and style. It is soft to the touch and highly reflective, for a glass-like shine. You'll leave the hair salon with sleek hair, and not a minute wasted.​​


Experience 5x more shine*, 4x more hydration and
8x more smoothed and conditioned hair.

Kerastase - Fusio Exfoliating Scrub Stories
*Versus unwashed hair.

As advanced hair care innovators, our scientists are always searching for new ways to answer to women's hair desires. Our latest discovery is nothing short of a revolution in hair care. The miracle of K Water is lamellar technology, an entirely new way to deliver instant nourishment and shine directly to the hair fiber, instantly. The results are plain to see. A light, clear liquid, K Water is actually an anhydrous formula.
It has no water. It is a combination of glycol, caring agents and amino acids. Experience the incredible results of lamellar technology.


K Water In Salon Hair Treatment Is Perfect For All Occasions

It is never a bad time to get perfect hair instantly, but there are times when K Water’s transformative power is particularly desirable. On your most important occasions, a quick trip to the hair salon will guarantee a stunning glass hair look when you need it most.

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

Event Appearance

Whether it’s an industry event or charity fundraiser, if there will be eyes and cameras on you, your hair should stand up to the glamour of the occasion. When you head to the hair salon for a blow dry and style, have your hairstylist add on a K Water hair treatment. It will give you that glass-like shiny hair that makes you feel comfortable in the spotlight and attracts everyone’s attention.

Job Interview

When you’re working to level up your career, it’s worth tipping the scales in your favor. Add a K Water hair treatment to your power blow dry and you’ll be sure to make a stunning impression. Look good, feel good, get the job!

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

Date Night

Maybe it’s your first evening with someone special, or your longtime lover is taking you out for a five-star dinner. Why not heighten the mood by getting gleaming, healthy hair? Your hairstylist will know what you are looking for and K Water’s instant action means you’ll be on time for your reservation.

Wedding Day

Perhaps you’re the bride, or maybe you’re in a supporting role. Either way, the day needs to be perfect, and that definitely includes your hair. K Water guarantees stunning locks without adding any time to your pampering routine. There’s no reason why you wouldn’t have your hairstylist prepare you for the big day.​

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

Photo Shoot

Click, click! When it’s time to document your own unique beauty, you want to be the best, most shining version of yourself. Have your hairstylist add K Water to your hair and makeup session, and take your social media content to the next level. No filters required.

Kerastase - K Water In-Salon Shiny Hair Treatment

What is your next occasion that requires stunning hair?

find a K WATER treatment at a salon near you

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